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Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Our bodies are about 60% water. It is, therefore, the natural hydrating liquid that we need most. It is common to hear experts say that we need to take at least eight glasses of water daily for health benefits. You may be wondering why hydration is such a big deal. Here are some of the evidence-based health benefits of water intake.

Your body needs water for optimal performance. During intense exercise or extreme heat, it is very important to maintain optimal body hydration. If you lose even as little as 2% of your water content, there are noticeable effects. Altered body temperature control, fatigue and reduced motivation are examples of these effects. Since muscle is about 80% water, it is not surprising that taking enough water during exercise helps to reduce oxidative stress.

Water is very important for people experiencing constipation. This is a common problem, that causes infrequent bowel movement difficulty in passing stool. Doctors normally advice such people to increase their fluid intake, as this has proven to help with digestion. The risk of constipation among both the young and elderly has been linked to inadequate fluid intake. Carbonated has shown pretty promising results when it comes to constipation relief.

Your energy levels and brain function are influenced majorly by your level of hydration. It has been proven that even mild dehydration could have adverse effects on your brain function. Loss of fluid has been shown to affect mood and concentration, and also increased headache frequency. Dehydration can also cause problems with your working memory, increased feelings of anxiety or fatigue. Water intake might just be what you need to boost your work productivity and general motivation.

Drinking enough water will help reduce the risk of kidney stones. They are painful clumps that are formed by the crystallization of minerals within the urinary system. Increase in water intake naturally increases the volume of urine passing through the kidneys. As a result, the crystals are less likely to crystalize and form clumps. If you have had kidney stones before, there is little evidence that taking water will prevent the recurrence.

Anyone who wants to lose weight should increase their water intake. This is because water has the effect of increasing satiety and boosting the rate of metabolism. Increasing your water consumption also increases your total energy expenditure. The timing is also important; taking water before meals is very effective. This way you feel full faster so you won’t have to take many calories. It is also important to take it cold because your body will have to spend energy heating it to body temperature.

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